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Ivan Hugo

Ivan Hugo

Ivan Hugo Born in Barcelona, at the age of 12 his grandfather gave him his first camera. Since then, he sees the world in stories.

“The beautiful, the thick, thin, strange, elegant, absurd and sublime”.

Ivan Hugo studied Photography at the University of the Arts London, followed by set lighting at the Mountview Academy of theatre arts, where he was taught in scenography lightning. He also took lectures at MET film school with Paul Weeler and Nic Morris (both from the British Society of Cinematographers - BSC), learning how to use Arri Alexa, 35mm and 16mm film motion picture and various large sensors cameras.

“I am attentive to the opening, the moment where a person’s character is revealed and the story can be been seen in a second”.

In 2008, inspired by the neon lights, handheld shots and documentary style of the films of Wong Kar-Wai, Christopher Doyle and several visits to Asia, he settled home for eight years in Tokyo "in search of light" and he has worked across the globe.

“Witnessing the fusion of colour, shadows and community people and capturing the images that exhibit their swagger, their jazz, their heart”.

World traveler, based in London.

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