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Andres Arochi

Andres Arochi

Andrés Arochi (Mexico City, 1990) is a self-taught audiovisual artist. He has managed to develop in various areas of visual media focusing on film and photography. His great interest in adventure and nature has led to him traveling all over the world.

In his work, his distinctive eye reveals a classical vision of the conception of landscape, and reframes the very question of how we relate to landscape through fiction/framing in order to approach nature. By insistently focusing on geometry, textures and colors, his work creates a particularly interesting challenge in differentiating between the natural and the artificial.

His activities revolve around playing with light and shadow, and the search for the inherent “rhythm” of a scene. This search has focused his work on the manipulation of light and composition and how they build the narrative. Arochi’s work has included fiction, documentaries, multimedia pieces, music videos, experimental videos, and photographic series.

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