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Carles F. Galí

Carles F. Galí

Igualada-born Carles F. Galí was fifteen when he discovered the title of ‘cinematographer’ in the closing credits of 'No Country for Old Men'. Utterly seduced by the work of Roger Deakins, Carles began to observe and become fascinated by light. In 2012 he gave up his plans to become a professional footballer and began studying cinematography.

So far in his career, Carles has worked on a number of film and TV projects, including 'Matar a Dios', 'El Año de la Plaga' and 'Mira Lo Que Has Hecho', as well as advertisements and music videos, beginning as an electrician and moving on to become a gaffer with production companies such as Canada, Smile and O Studio.

Carles has built a career as a cinematographer in all kinds of projects, in some of them also adding his creative design knowledge. His fascination with light and born creativity along with a great attitude and natural charisma have led him to work on various interesting, innovative projects.

Carles’ main objective is to fuse light and camera together in the telling of stories, creating a unique language in pictures for each specific piece.

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