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Eloi Molí

Eloi Molí

Eloi was born in Barcelona in 1978. He displayed a passion for photography from a very early age, and was given his own photographic black and white laboratory at nine years old. Actually he's member of the Spanish cinematographers association (AEC).

At 17 years of age he started working in cinema and advertising. At the age of 18 he became part of the camera crew, in which capacity he has worked ever since, starting out by working as a video technician and second camera assistant. In 2005 he began working as a focus puller with directors of photography such as Ellen Kuras, Joost Van Gelder, Tim Maurice-Jones, Natasha Braier, Jo Eken Torp, Riego Vanwersch, Alex Barber and Serge Roman & Hellip. From 2007 until the present he has been working as a director of photography developing his work in cinema, advertising, music videos as well as in more personal and experimental projects.

He lives in Topanga, Los Angeles and works for the US, European and South American market.

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