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Josep Civit

Josep Civit

Born in Barcelona, studied Graphic Design and Photography at the Escola de Disseny Eina and graduated in Theory of Contemporary Arts at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. From 1972 till 1979 worked as a press photographer (Diari de Barcelona, Mundo, Triunfo, Cambio 16, Interviú). From 1979 aims his professional activity towards cinema. He’s been working as Director of Photography since 1986 working for productions of all types in cinema, TV, advertising, documentaries and theatre.

Josep worked internationally throughout his career working with well known directors like Monte Hellmann, Bigas Luna, Agusti Villaronga, Paul Leduc among others, taking him to countries such as USA, Mexico, Colombia, UK, France, United Arab Emirates…He combines his work in feature films with his work in commercials.

Josep has won the Best Cinematography Award at the Gaudí Awards in 2016 for his work in the feature film 'The King of Havana' and the same award in 2018 for 'Incerta Glòria', both films directed by Agustí Villaronga.

In line with each director’s vision, Josep always sets out to weave a sense of emotion in his images.

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