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Konstantin Minnich

Konstantin Minnich

Konstantin grew up in the Bavarian Forest, from where he kept a deep connection with nature. However the moment with a strong impact on his future was inside - when he first watched Blade Runner on VHS. That was the moment when he decided he wanted to make films.

He moved to Berlin to start working in the film business. Making his first experience as a DP, Konstantin discovered, that in a film he can create a different reality that is based on his fantasies and emotions. The opportunity to go beyond and create another world based on freely chosen rules is still one of the most fascinating aspects of film for Konstantin. He was selected to participate at the Talent Demo at Camerimage 2017, for his interesting and potential film project 'Tepui'.

The cinematographer Michael Ballhaus has always been an idol for Konstantin Sharing the experience of feeling the light rather than just watching it.

Konstantin shot music videos, commercials short features in Europe, South Africa and the United States. The place where he finds the most beautiful light for his films is in Los Angeles.

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