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Manel Ruiz Bardají

Manel Ruiz Bardají

Manel Ruiz Bardají is a cinematographer based in New York and Barcelona. He has been working internationally since 2000s and has won many international awards. He started his career in the camera department but quickly he became an internationally sought-after DP. He moved permanently to New York in 2000, and since then he splits his time and work between the US and Europe, being based on both ends.

Manel collaborates with the most prestigious production companies like Smuggler, Biscuit, Radical, Stink, Park Pictures, Caviar, Anorak, Blink, TP Films, Sterntag, Soft Citizen, and many others...

His cinematography stands out for being natural and stylized. He is always in search of texture, new styles, old and new lenses, overall he is always aiming to develop a good story through lighting and lensing, partnering with directors.

Restless and versatile, Manel Ruiz has worked in all kind of projects, from car commercials to fashion, from drama to comedy, he's worked with directors Tom Kuntz, Randy Krallman, Nacho Gayan, Siri Bunford, Pep Bosch, Canada, Gary Friedman, The Guard Brothers, Dougal Wilson, Matt Devine, Stylewar, Guy Shelmerdine, Perlorian Brothers, Adam Berg, Reynald Gresset, Jim Jenkins, David Shane, Jovan, Mark Albiston, Mark Jenkinson to name few...

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