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Pau Muñoz

Pau Muñoz

After completing his cinematography studies in Barcelona in 2012. Pau moved to London where he worked in different camera crews. During this time, he built up the experience and improved his skills while shooting personal projects and music videos as a DP.

He has been based in Barcelona since 2016, working wherever the work brings him.

Pau likes to be involved in projects from an early stage to establish the best way to shape ideas into narrative and meaningful images, alongside the director.

As a non-conformist person, he pushes himself to experiment in front of the lens. Whenever he has the chance, he has fun designing peculiar lighting methods or experimenting with different camera techniques to achieve non-conventional textures and visual effects.

People who have worked with Pau describe him as a calm and solutions-orientated DP who has a keen eye for using lighting to capture the specific mood and atmosphere for every frame.

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