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Roberto San Eugenio

Roberto San Eugenio

Born in Madrid, Roberto started out studying photography before moving on to cinematography direction, studying at the Madrid Cinema Institute (MIC) and the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC). He is currently a member of the AEC (Spanish Association of Cinematographers). Roberto likes to work alongside the director to develop the visual style of each project, working together to find the best way of building the story, whether it is advertising, fiction or documentary. Roberto manages to express his own sensitivity and perspective by finding the perfect balance between light, framing and staging: all equally essential tools for turning what the director has in mind into images.

His main influences include observation of reality, studying natural light throughout the day, the artificial light in every space he goes into, photography and film - although he also adds that there is nothing that gives him more ideas than travelling around the world.

Roberto is a versatile cinematographer who is quick on the set and brings enormous intuition to resolving any situation that might come up during a shoot.

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