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Toni Abad

Toni Abad

Toni was born in Barcelona in 1975. Since the very first moment he got his hands on a camera, he developed a deep passion for creating images. After five years studying photography with thousands of hours in the black and white laboratory purely working with light, and a few years as a photographer, he soon realized he had been fighting against static images by shooting low shutter speed stills and image sequences, so he decided to start working in motion pictures. He became part of the camera crew in the year 2001 being involved in countless feature films and commercials.

In 2009 he started his career as a DP shooting ad films, short films and music videos. In 2013, when the film industry shrinked to minimums in Barcelona, he moved to India, settled in Bombay and started working as a cinematographer. He has shot with Kike Maíllo, Iago Blasi and Jordi Capdevila among other directors.

In love with the country and the city, he has been flying back when needed. Nowadays he’s back in Barcelona but, as a travel lover, he’s always ready to pack up and go.

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