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Torsten Lippstock

Torsten Lippstock

Hi there, and thanks for having a look at my work.

I am a father of a son and a lover of the arts.
I am living happily in Berlin after many years abroad.
My profession is a conviction.

The way I think:
Has been always influenced by my studies of philosophy.
I believe, that in the end everything we do is about emotions.
The human creature is in a constant search for it, on a constant shifting point- ready to develop further.

Being a DP:
Is for me the uplifting search of the unseen perspective, that helps to create a unique visual experience.
I speak and am still learning different film languages, because for me cinematography is not about taste or style. It is about writing a story with light, giving it an emotion, a soul and a subtext.

Each story has a different goal and I see my part in creating a context in between the idea and the result.
and yes…….of course….
I am a DP for 20 years and I love to change and thrive in between Projects of Art, Commerce, Feature and Videoclips.

My work has been awarded with film prizes and I speak several languages.
I did 10 features and full length documentaries, many videoclips and shorts.

I shot hundreds of commercials for many brands. From food to fashion and beauty to cars.
I want to continue being curious ………………always!

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