'Camila Comes Out Tonight' at Festival de San Sebastián 2021


'Camila Comes Out Tonight' the fourth feature film of director Inés Barrionuevo, lensed by Planb cinematographer Constanza Sandoval will compete at the official selection of the 69th San Sebastian International Film Festival, which will take place from September 17 to 25.

'Camila Comes Out Tonight' tells the story of Camila, a teenager who is forced to move to Buenos Aires when her grandmother becomes seriously ill. She leaves behind her friends and a liberal public high school for a traditional private institution. The adolescent's fierce but premature temper is put to the test.

Produced by Gale Cine and Sebastián Aloi, the film features Nina Dziembrowski, Maite Valero, Diego Sánchez and Adriana Ferrer.