Malaga Festival 2020 Nominations


We are very excited to share with you that the following films will be be in the Oficial Section this year at the Festival de Málaga.

Oficial Selection:

· 'Hogar' DOP Pau Castejón, Director: David Pastor & Alex Pastor

· 'El Inconveniente' DOP Rita Noriega, Director: Bernabé Rico

· 'Orígenes Secretos' DOP Rita Noriega, Director: Galán Galindo

· 'Uno para todos' DOP Bet Rourich, Director: David Ilundain

Malaga Premiere:

. 'Isaac' DOP Gina Ferrer, Director: Angeles Hernandez & David Matamoros

Short Films Selection:

· 'El Pas de Sant Joan' DOP Maria Codina, Director Ana Gitz

We wish all our Directors of Photography Good Luck and Congratulations to all the films and to their Crew which made this possible!