'The Corpse
of Anna Fritz':
SxSW Festival 2015 & Sitges 2015


'The Corpse of Anna Fritz' and its impeccable craftsmanship allowed its disturbing plot to rise above juvenilia and become something not necessarily terrifying but certainly bleak and brutal.

Set almost exclusively in a morgue where the body of world famous actress Anna Fritz is currently resting, the film is cut from similar thematic cloth as Deep Web, asking three young men and the viewers how far they would be willing to go to save themselves.

The film, directed by Hector Hernández Vicens and director of photography Ricard Canyellas, will compete in the Midnighters section of independent SxSW Festival, held in Austin, Texas, between 13 and 21 March and also in Sitges 2015 between 9 and 18 October.