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Christopher Kechichian, ACO

Christopher Kechichian, ACO

Christopher is an Armenian-Lebanese operator specialized in Steadicam and remote head work. From a young age, he was exposed to various forms of art like classical music, oil paintings, film photography, and cinema. He obtained his BA in Audiovisual Communication from Université Saint Joseph and attended Tiffen’s Steadicam workshop in 2013.

Christopher has worked on numerous feature films, commercials, and music videos with international directors and cinematographers.

He believes in the power of creativity generated by working with different people from a wide array of backgrounds and nationalities. For Chris, being an operator means being a team player and a storyteller who uses his tools as the story demands. He guides the audience to see into the emotional heart of the story through navigating and choosing the finest viewpoint of the lens. This is what separates the thousands of good operators from the very few great ones.

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